Chip and Seal

Spraying Tack

Chip and Seal is the application of a layer of liquid asphalt and stone onto existing roadways. This fills and seals cracks in old asphalt pavement, which helps prevent water from penetrating the pavement and causing it to deteriorate. In addition, chip and seal is highly skid resistant and provides a non-reflective surface during wet weather and night driving. The main draw of chip and seal is that it provides a functional driving surface at a fraction of the cost of other paving options.

Spreading Stone

In the process of chip and seal, an oil truck will drive down the pavement, spraying a thin layer of emulsified asphalt. Then, a chip spreader and dump truck will drive down the road, spreading a layer of stone, which is then rolled with rubber tired rollers for compaction. Although the new surface needs time to cure, traffic is able to drive on the new surface at reduced speeds.